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Belated Apologies & Horrendous Atrocities

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Hey y’all,

This is just a quick one giving my apologies about not blogging lately. Some of you have been asking me, “When are you putting up a new blog post??” Haha, you guys make me giggle!

Life has been crazy-busy since returning home from the Philippines. I’ve been ill, missed way too many Unischmersity classes and as a result, have been frantically trying to catch up on my studies. Not that I’m making excuses, but the third and final year of University is kind of important, true? True.

Once this semester is over in a mere couple of weeks (hellooooo June 6!), watch this space, because there’s going to be some shocking posts coming up.

What do I mean by shocking?

Well, I’ll leave you with this article, Forty-eight women raped every hour in Congo, that I read today in one of my breaks. It left me in a state of shock.

It tells of the horrendous atrocity that has been happening for years and is still happening right now as you read this. The Congo has a ridiculous statistic that 12% of its women have been raped at least once; which equates to 48 women being raped every single hour.

Calling it “shocking” is such an understatement. But each number represents someone’s grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, aunty, niece, neighbour and newly born baby who has had to go through this horrendous act and now bears the permanent scars. *Sigh*. As I began researching the issue further, it left me grieving for these women, yet hopeful because there are now organisations and professionals helping these women and children.

When you read things like that, you need to share it. Not so that people can be all downcast. No, not at all. It’s about being aware of issues that don’t receive merely as much media attention as planking. It’s about breaking out of your little bubble and being shocked then moved to action. And in all seriousness, ignorance is not bliss.

So, sorry about the uhh, low note, but I just wanted you guys to read something that’s impacted me greatly at the moment.

Anyway, have a read and post to you soon!

Love love xx

“There are some defeats more triumphant than victories.” – Michel de Montaigne