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By Bethany Jae [dot] com

Hey Guys!

The time has finally come! My new blog is up + running. This is my very last post on itsasocialthing. To those I know + those who I’ve never met, thank you for sharing in this journey. But a better one is here.

I truly hope you make the change + head on over to… bybethanyjae.com.

If you liked this blog, I know you’ll like the new one. More content will be added to it over the coming days, but for now, it’s just an introduction + base for what’s to come.

So in case you missed it…. the new blog can be found at: bybethanyjae.com. I repeat, bybethanyjae.com.

Thanks again, & I look forward to starting a new journey with you at bybethanyjae.com.

Lot’s of lovin’

Beth x

[PS: The new blog is bybethanyjae.com…;) ]