New Blog Update (including launch date!)

[This blog has since moved to Head on over to check it out, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised… x]

Hey Everyone,

Okay, following up from the last post, I now have an update! On Monday, 19th March, aka THIS Monday, my new blog will be launched. I’ll post from here one last time with the link, but then after that it’s au revoir to itsasocialthing, and hello to <insert new blog name>.

In total honesty, would have loved for it to be launched on 1 March, but the process got delayed. And that’s totally fine 🙂

Oh, & the new blog will be more in depth about the other two things I briefly talked about from the last post.

Have the best week, & will post you on Monday! By the way, the pic below is the new site (minus the content)..

Much love x


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