Write & Rip

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“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” – James Michener

Words are important.

Not just the spoken, but also the written.

Have you ever kept a journal and then reread those entries some years later? It’s weird, and can be incredibly embarrassing with loads of: ‘Did I seriously think that?!’ moments.

That’s what happened to me this week. Spring cleaning my room and discovered all of my journals from when I was as little as 10 years old. Some entries included me pouring the core of my heart and soul out, others  were trivial things like: ‘Today I went to the shops…’. Then there were pages ripped out of it.

Why? Because over the years, whenever I wrote something with feelings of frustration or anger embedded in it, I ripped it up into little iddy biddy pieces. I didn’t write those things so I could look back on them, I wrote them to try simply let it out. And when I ripped up the pieces with my feelings in them, the feelings inside of me subsided.

Written words have the power to reflect the true essence of your being back at you.

Written words have the ability to speak to the current generations and generations to come.

Written words leave a bigger imprint than your spoken words because it’s marked down for all to see.

Before you tweet, before you blog, before you update your Facebook status or comment on something, think about it: would I want my future children, and grandchildren to be reading this?

Because chances are, in this day and age with technology, if you wrote it and can’t physically rip it up, they’re probably going to read it at some point.

‘Words once they’re printed have a life of their own.’ – Carol Burnett


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