The Friday Five: A Brothel, Gift Card, Life Lists, Osteen, + Proposal

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Hi all! To be completely honest, I was going to skip today’s The Friday Five. This week has been ridiculously busy + challenging, and personal time has been at an all-time low. But right now I can’t sleep and plus, it would just be wrong to post this Friday tradition on a Saturday. Oh, so wrong. Anyway, hope you enjoy it. Much love, x

1. Raiding A Cambodian Brothel

Nick Kristof is a New York Times columnist, two-time Pulitzer award winner and one of my favourite journalists. This week, along with Somaly Mam and police, they raided a Camobodian brothel freeing 13 child sex slaves. Nick tweeted the entire event in realtime and it’s pretty confronting. Some of the tweets are below, but see his profile for the rest of them….

2. Gift Card Giver

Gift Card Giver is an incredible non-profit organisation. Described as a “new form of giving” it was birthed when four friends had the idea to collect gift cards and give them to people in need. It’s grown tremendously since then and is meeting people’s practical needs.

Follow them @giftcardgiver :: Watch them on Vimeo :: Get info from them at

3. Life Lists

Life lists (aka bucket lists) are inspiring; especially if someone has perseveres and does everything that’s on their list. This week I’ve stumbled across and been majorly inspired by the following two. I hope you will be too (:

Mighty Life List by Maggie. Whenever she does something on her list, she blogs about the experience in words + pictures. Beautiful. View the whole list here:

A Lovely Life List by Nicole Balch. According to Nicole, the list exists ‘simply as a collection of things I would like to do in my lifetime.’ Her blog is lovely + her list is too good:

 4. What’s The Problem With Joel Osteen? by Philip Wagner

Earlier this week Philip Wagner posted about Joel Osteen. It basically hit the nail on the head with people who critise Osteen. Wagner has written it incredibly well, full of integrity and honesty. Do yourself a favour and have a read here.

5. [And just to add some light-heartedness to this Friday Five] Lindsay Will You Marry Me? 

If I were Lindsay, I’d say yes…. just saying.


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