Mama Maggie Gobran: The Mother Teresa of Cairo

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Meet Mama Maggie Gobran, often referred to as the Mother Teresa of Cairo.

She is a Coptic Christian who lived an affluent lifestyle sheltered from the slums and poor in her city. But after one encounter with the poor and poverty, and a conviction from God telling her to do something about it, she set up the non-profit charity Stephen’s Children in 1989.

“I liked to be elegant. But I found to be elegant comes from the inside, to love. True love is to give and forgive, to give until it hurts. With God’s grace I left everything and found Him shining, waiting for me with a crown of love,” said Mama Maggie at Willow Creek Church’s 2011 Global Leadership Summit (see video below).

Mama Maggie’s presence whilst speaking at this conference is simply piercing. She is fiercely gracious, and boldly humble. The tears in her eyes and down her face, and the emotion in her words can’t help but move and embed a desire in you to have that part of Jesus that she reflects so simply, purely and practically.

Because of her obedience, loving heart, and humbleness, Stephen’s Children now has over 1,500 workers and volunteers, and has helped over 25,000 families.

“You know, we don’t choose where to be born. But we do choose either to be sinners or saints. To be nobody, or the heroes. If you want to be a hero, do what God wants you to do.”

Stephen’s Children “offers hope and transformation for Christian children and families living in Cairo’s fetid garbage slums and impoverished communities.” By focusing on the children living in the garbage slums, they are encouraged to “experience love, build self worth and seize hold of the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.” Find more information about it here.

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    May our good God be more pleased to use you for a greater and bigger blessing in 2011

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