The Friday Five: Jon Foreman, Birdy, Epic Fear, Skinny Love, 30k Church Giveaway.

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Y’hello, my top 5 things for this week are…

1. ‘Vice Verses: Making Art Out of Tension‘ by Jon Foreman

Whenever I see that Jon Foreman has posted for The Huffington Post, it honestly makes my day. His posts are always raw, thought-provoking, and altogether amazing. So, don’t just read this post, read all of them… by clicking here. You won’t regret it.

2. This cute birdy affirmation by Kate Knapp:

3. ‘Fear is Epic‘ by Justin

Stumbled across this post some months ago, and was reminded of it again this week. My favourite part is this:

Fear is epic.  Whatever it is that scares you, you’ve simply just got to want it bad enough–bad enough that the pain of NOT moving forward is greater than the pain of taking action.  Doing this will give you no other choice but to rally every single cell of your body, mind, heart, and soul to move forward andfight for it–honorably, and with conviction.  And then make it yours. Embrace fear…your dream life awaits you.


4. Birdy’s cover of Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’

5. Liquid Church’s 30k Giveaway

Instead of the congregation at Liquid Church, New Jersey,  giving their tithes and offerings on a Sunday, when the buckets (or popcorn buckets) went around the rows they were told to take an envelope out of the bucket instead. Each envelope contained a $10 or $50 note. Whatever amount they received, they had free will to do whatever they desired with it. All up, the church gave away $30,000 to its congregation. You can see the entire story with the church pastor on Sunrise by clicking here.

Beth, x


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