Day Eight: Homeward Bound

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Right now as I’m typing this, I’m on the plane going back to Melbourne (note: uploaded it to here when I got home). It’s currently 11.39pm in the Philippines and 1.39am in Australia, and to be honest, I’m completely devastated to be coming back home.

Today was our very last day in the Philippines. The week flew by incredibly fast and was filled with incredible people, actions, love and joy.

In the morning we ate breakfast for the very last time at the Hotel Alejandro. We ordered our last meal of a ham and cheese omelette, French toast, pancakes, pancakes with one fried egg and a side of bacon, garlic rice, French fries, café latte, pineapple/mango juice, and tea, and by the end of the week everyone had their personal favourite. For example, Louise Fiddes had garlic rice for not only breakfast, but for every possible meal where she could order it.

After that some people caught Tacloban public transport down to the local markets to do some shopping. And others stayed at the hotel to finish packing.

During that time, Ps Georgie, Ps Lou, Ps Gershon, Ps Catherine, Ps Ram, Ps Janine and the key NLCC events team had a briefing and went over how the ADORE Conference went.

And the scone-making Queen, Lana, made scrumptious scones for them.

During lunch some of the NLCC team came to the hotel to help take our luggage to the airport.

After checking out of the hotel, we sadly took off to the airport. When we arrived there and saw some of the NLCC team there, everyone’s tears began flowing even more.

When more NLCC people arrived, more tears came. Our last moments outside the airport consisted of tears, hugs, words of encouragement and thanks, giving of gifts, and the snapping of photographs (even though we were all crying and didn’t want any pictures of our blotchy faces and red eyes!)

After being given our passport and boarding passes, Kitchie ordered the ENJOY crew to say our final ‘see you soon’ and go into the airport.

It was a happy sad moment.

The whole plane ride was sad as we flew further and further away from Tacloban, and closer and closer to Melbourne.

When we got to Manila we had a 2-hour stop over. While there I tweeted that we were at Manila Airport, and Ps E replied with safe travels. I told him thanks, but that myself and Angie are actually getting on the next plane back to Tacloban. We seriously did not want to come back to Melbourne! But there was nothing we could really do, so we had to keep going.

And now, I’m in Melbourne. We arrived around 7am in the morning. It was cold, foggy, grey and raining – hello good old Melbourne!

I am absolutely shattered that the trip went by so fast. But am absolutely thrilled by the new friends and connections that were formed and strengthened.

Even though we did a lot of things during the trip, the only reason those things were done was because of ADORE Conference. And ADORE was phenomenal! it’s going to be exciting seeing the fruit that comes from the seeds that were sown.

I’ve said it many times over the course of the posts, but I’m still speechless as to what God did there and majorly excited about the future.

Please Note:

I’ve had people pointing out to me the spelling and grammar mistakes in these posts. There’s seriously not that many, and you have to realize that all of these posts are the first drafts. Most of the time they were written after midnight when I’d been out for most of the day doing all the things that were written about in the posts. So I’m just surprised that they even make sense, and am not really worried if there’s a spelling mistake here and there.

These were posts about what happened each day, but the posts to come are about things that I realized, discovered and learned. There are actually a lot of things that I’ve left out because I just didn’t have the time to write about it.

Once I’ve digested everything that happened through the week and I’m not as emotional about leaving, expect to see more posts.

And if you’re wondering why I want to keep blogging about it, it’s because what happened there really is just the beginning. And it would be a total crime if I just left these posts as is and carried on with life normally.

So thank you to everyone who read these posts, especially the NLCC team who were following the blog as well (absolutely cracks me up that you’ve been reading it!) Glad you enjoyed them 🙂

Love you all way too much!

Beth xx


5 responses to “Day Eight: Homeward Bound

  1. woahhh THE BLOG!!!

  2. cecille campomanes

    so this is THE BLOOOG!


  3. i love reading your blog…

    miss you so much…

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