Day Six: ADORE Conference!

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ADORE Conference day two was truly beautiful.

The morning began with a breakfast in the dining area. It was a lovely way to start because everyone was relaxed, but completely excited about what lay ahead.

Before the auditorium opened, there were women already lining up. They were busting to get in!

Once the doors opened to the auditorium, it quickly filled up. Praise and worship started, and the women were all switched on. They didn’t need to be led or coaxed into His presence; they were already there.

Ps Catherine got up and did the MC-ing/offering message. When she stood on that platform, it was unreal. As soon as she opened her mouth, the women hung onto her every word. Women were weeping, praying purposefully and praising. She is definitely one of the most beautiful, godly women that I’ve ever met.

Ps Gershon (Ps Catherine’s husband) then got up and prayed for the offering and introduced our lovely Ps Georgie to the platform for the next session.

Ps Georgie bought an incredible Word on ‘The Power of Relationships’.

Why? Because if we’re going to do it ‘together’ we need to be in relationship with one another. She said many great things like for a company of women, people, to say ‘let us’, there needs to be many individual people saying ‘let me’. So, it was incredibly relevant and practical for the women to hear.

During the morning tea when I was chatting to different girls, they were all commenting on how much they loved Ps Georgie’s preaching, and that they got a lot out of it.

Morning tea came. While the women were eating and talking, the ENJOY crew and NLCC team broke out into the flashmob; the same song (Bruno Mars, Just The Way You Are) and dance that was done in the first Essence. We originally canned the idea because we didn’t have enough people, was underprepared, and the power had gone out when the decision was made so we thought that we wouldn’t be able to play the music. But when Kris found out we canned it she made sure we still did it.

The women seemed to really like seeing the ‘dance’ (it’s in brackets because they were all surprised that we would be doing a dance when apparently we can’t, ha!) All the women ended up getting up and dancing near the end of it. The atmosphere was really joyous and full of fun!

Ps Viv then bought the Word for the third session. First Lady Chancellor Cristina was unable to make it in time, so the incredible Ps Viv stepped in! She had a couple of days to prepare her message, and it was truly amazing! She spoke on ‘You Are God’s Fingerprint’ and how we’re all unique in the mark we leave on whatever we touch.

Then came a stretch break. We received our present – a bangle (yes! More bangles!!) And went down to the beach to take some snaps with new friends. So much fun!!

Lana then introduced the wonderful Ps Lou to the bring the Word for the next session.

Ps Lou spoke a timely Word on ‘Time To Dream Again’. Before she began preaching she said that when Ps Catherine was up there praying at the beginning of the day, she saw cords of poverty and lack. As the women began praying, the cords all began to ‘pop!’ and break. She then did an altar call with many women responded to, and as a result, many seeds were sown and watered!

During lunch, some women saved me a seat at their table. One of the ladies began asking me if we’re taking the conference to other countries, how long it’s been here, etc. She then began telling me that many years ago it was prophesied that whatever starts in Tacloban spreads all over the Philippines. So she thought that we chose Tacloban because of that prophesy, but Ps Georgie and everyone else on the trip had no idea bout it. Seriously blown away by that!

The final session for the day came around way too fast. It included a panel with Ps Gershon, Ps Catherine, Ps Ram, Ps Janine, Ps Lou and Ps Georgie. Throughout the day women could write down any questions they had, which were then answered in this session.

The City Councilor, Cristina Romualdez, also arrived, so it was really good to see her there! And I must say, she is absolutely gorgeous!

Then came the closing item, ‘Say A Little Prayer, with Rochelle, Angie, Jac and Roxy.

For a special treat, we all got icecream (they have cheese flavour?)

And took a stack load of pictures.

The guys said that because the girls had 'Adore', they're going to have a Men's Conference called 'Oder' 🙂

ADORE Conference was amazing. Still now, two days later, I am gobsmacked as to just how good it was. Sounds cliché, but words really cannot describe what God did there. The generations to come are incredibly blessed!

And together we Adore.


One response to “Day Six: ADORE Conference!

  1. the conference went really very, and absolutely amazing…

    thanks a lot Bethany….

    we all gonna miss you…

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