Day Seven: Time For A Celebration

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Sunday was packed to the rafters and full of joy!

We began our day with a NLCC service.  Their service is in the movie theatre in Robinsons Mall. As soon as you walk into the theatre, you automatically feel at home. The people and everything about it reminds you exactly of ENJOY Church.

There was incredible praise and worship. Their worship is amazing. Like how Rochelle said in a previous post, they are all united with one goal only. And because of that the presence of God is just there. Because they worship freely and passionately, it releases the congregation to worship freely and passionately.

Ps Gershon and Catherine’s little girl, Annika, then sang ‘Deepy In Love’ by Hillsong. She’s only 7 and just stood there up the front holding the microphone, tapping her foot and singing!

Ps Georgie shared a Word on ‘Sowings Reward’.

After church we went across the road for lunch, and then did some last minute shopping in Robinsons!

We stopped back at the hotel for 5 minutes to quickly change and then went off to the Women’s Prison again!

When we arrived at the Women’s Prison, the women were really excited to see us all again. They remembered our names and the women that we prayed for in our small groups went straight to that person.

The purpose behind going back to the prison was to give them their volleyball uniforms. They will be competing in a tournament soon and needed team T-shirts. The shirts have the word ‘Tournament’ on the front, and Ecclesiastes 8: 15 “So I commend the enjoyment of life…” on the back with the ‘ENJOY New Life’ logo.

Rochelle, Angie, Jac and Roxy then sang ‘Say A Little Prayer’. The women were beaming and clapping their hands throughout the whole song. They loved it!

The women then sang us a song. They then wanted to say thank you so us, so they sang another song…and then another song. They love to sing and love to sing for others. When they sing it sounds like a choir. Their voices are all unison and they believe every word they sing. Women were crying, looking heavenward, praying, and were beaming from the love and joy of Christ they have.

Later that day we then went to NLCC for their evening service. When we arrived, a blackout happened. After half an hour or so, the guys (absolute champions) got the generator working and the power was back on!!

The service started right away with worship. There service was set out the same as the morning service, except that the media wasn’t working because of the blackout.

Ps Lou then bought an amazing Word on ‘Loyalty’. She was hysterically funny, had amazing points and made an amazing impact.

Then Roxy, myself and Jac shared our testimonies. It was great. You found out things about people that you never knew. And it was good for the Filipino people to know where we’ve come from. Oh, and Ps Lou was saying that it’s going to be a buffet tonight with the Word and testimonies. So Roxy said that she’s the balot. If you don’t know what it is, Google it because it’s delicious.

We then prayed for the incredible pastors – Ps Gershon, Ps Catherine, Ps Ram and Ps Janine. Their city is going to be abundantly blessed by them! Their heart is beautiful, godly and God is already using them mightily. So pumped to see the impact that Tacloban and the Philippines will have because of them!

We all (ENJOY crew and the NLCC church) then jumped into the Jeepney and took off down to the venue where ADORE was held. It was so much fun! There were people hanging off the back and we were all so excited to finally go in one.

The auditorium was transformed into a dining area. There was an abundance of food, laughter and tears. Definitely one of the best nights ever! It was a great way to end the perfect trip. There were tears (happy and sad), laughing, LOT’S of photos, eating, dancing, and more photos. Can’t describe how good it was except to say that it was a-to-the-mazing and something I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever forget!


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