Day Five: ADORE Conference!

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So today is the ADORE Conference – the whole purpose of this incredible trip.

During the day there were rehearsals at the venue, shopping at Robinson’s Mall, and preparing at the hotel.

ADORE Conference

Rochelle, Angie and Ps Lou left the hotel around 2.30pm to go to the venue; hey had rehearsals and sound checks to do. The rest of the ENJOY crew left at 3.30pm.

Upon arriving you are immediately greeted by the gorgeous girls on the registration desk.

So here are a few snaps of the venue now that’s it’s fully completed.

Dining Area

The Platform

The women began arriving from 4pm. They would first arrive at the registration table, then be led to another table where they picked up their delegates bags, and were then taken to the dining room. At 4.30pm dinner was served for them. There were buffet stations set up that included rice, chicken, noodles, and much more.

Between 4.30 and about 7pm, everyone ate in the dining area. Here we took pictures, mingled with the girls and had loads of fun. Time flew ridiculously fast! Every single girl there looked absolutely beautiful. When they’d arrive, they had a massive smile on their face and were absolutely glowing.

7pm came and we had a prayer meeting in the auditorium. Ps Ram, Ps Gershon and Ps Georgie, and everyone prayed over the conference. The atmosphere of faith was incredible. Some of the ENJOY team got emotional after it because of the realisation that “Wow, this is actually happening”. That what we’ve been praying and anticipating for is finally here. It was a bit surreal.

When the women were allowed into the auditorium, it was amazing. They all went straight to the front rows. They filled up every seat, didn’t care if they didn’t know the person next to them, they just wanted to sit as close to the front as they could. When the pre-service music was on, the women were clapping and singing along to ‘Everyone’ by Planetshakers. As soon as the women entered the auditorium, they were pumped and ready to go.

Meet Ivy and Ruby. They are 23 and 24 years old. I sat next to them and they were so excited to be at the conference. When I was introducing myself to them, they said to me with a big smile on their face, “Thank you so much for sponsoring us”. That hit me big time because I sponsored two girls to go to the conference, and these two girls were so thankful to be sponsored. It put a face to what I had sown faith into, and that made it so personal. After the session Ivy told me that she is so happy she came because what Ps Georgie spoke about was really impacting her. So that was a total ‘wow’ moment.

Side note: All the delegates paid 100 pesos which is the equivalent to about $2.50, to attend the conference. Our sponsorships covered the rest of the cost  – accomodation, food, etc. Absolutely amazing!!

As soon as the opening media presentation started, the women were clapping and the anticipation for what lay ahead continued to mount. The dancers began dancing to a song that all us ENJOYers really want to find out what it is because it is seriously so good! And the girls loved it! There were no hiccups with it; everything ran effortless and the timings were all so perfect.

Then praise and worship kicked in. It was a phenomenal time as all the women worshipped in unity. You could hear the women singing and it was just so beautiful.

Ps Lou got up to do the MC-ing. There was also the presentation of hellos from all the women back at Enjoy Church. The women really enjoyed (mind the pun) seeing the women on the screen. They were smiling and really engaged in it from beginning to end.

Then Ps Georgie shared a phenomenal Word from the theme of this year’s ADORE – Together. During her preaching she was saying that the venue was finished today in time for the conference. They had sand bought in so that it would feel like a beach. And that we were also the very first group of people to use the newly renovated venue. She then commented and said, “God, if this is the table you are setting, what food are you going to bring?” Which is totally and completely true.

Ps Lou then closed the session and the women went out onto the beach to get their scrumptious supper – chocolate cake. It was so yummy, and Roxy totally loved it!

Before we left one of the main event co-ordinators, Kris (who is absolutely gorgeous!), briefed everyone for tomorrow and gave a run down of the day!

When it was time to leave though, it always seems to take some time because there are so many girls and we all like talking. So the driver tends to sit on a chair behind the van and wait.

Anyway, right now at 11.30pm in the hotel lobby, Rochelle, Angie, Jac and Roxy are all practising their item for tomorrow, ‘Say A Little Prayer’.

So tomorrow is definitely shaping up to be an incredible day!!


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