Interview: Rochelle Ford

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Rochelle has also been involved in the New Life Christian Church worship team and will be leading during the ADORE Conference.

What has it been like being involved in their worship team?

The best! They’ve been really easy to work with and I’ve been surprised by how accommodating and flexible they’ve been. They’ve been really easy going and encouraging as well. I’ve got a lot to learn from them by how they’re accepting of others. You wouldn’t even know that there’s a culture barrier when we come together to worship. We all have the same goal and when we’ve had our rehearsals, the spirit of God there has been really sweet. As soon as we were ready to play, the presence of God was just so tangible.

Is there anything that you’ve learnt by being involved?

I’ve learned a lot by observing them. They’re all team players with the same goal. They think and live differently to us, but they have no ego, they’re all great friends with each other, and all of them have one goal only. For a worship team that’s very important, and I want to be that kind of team player. I’d love to take that back home.

What has been a highlight of your time here so far?

The worship rehearsal and Power Service. At the worship rehearsal the presence of God was just there. It gives you shivers because it was the first time we met the team but it was so effortless, pleasurable and fun. It was the first time I’ve felt like myself here. We saw the slums and the women’s prisons and that was such a culture shock, but this really lifted my spirit. God encouraged me that He is doing something around the world with our two countries combined.

What’s been the hardest thing so far?

The slums and SSS, and understanding that no one is safe. There’s a lot of danger out there with no one to protect them. You know it’s going on but are so powerless to do anything. You see it going on but you can’t shake it off because that’s how it’s always been. You just want to protect them and you come to the realisation that these gorgeous kids have no one to protect them at night when it’s dark and they have no electricity.

Have anything caught you by surprise?

The way they live. There is a great difference in classes that are just five minutes down the road. Like there are people living in mansions across the road from the slums. I didn’t think there’d be poverty everywhere. There are people hovering out in front of their homes doing nothing. When you get to know them, you wouldn’t think that they’re living in these conditions. And they’re all so beautiful, encouraging, giving and tell us how beautiful we are.

What are you most looking forward to about the ADORE Conference?

Seeing the difference in the women that walk in and out; they’re facial expressions and how they hold themselves. I believe they’ll be blessed, empowered and encouraged. As a result their lives, families and generations won’t be the same. The things that God will do are so deeply rooted that it will impact everything. As we come in with one heart and spirit, His spirit will come in a powerfully way. I’m excited about what’s God’s going to do and I don’t want to limit Him with my own imagination. I’m so excited!


One response to “Interview: Rochelle Ford

  1. so encouraged by your observation chelle
    so proud of how you have opened your eyes, ears & heart to the presence of God. just remember the first night of a conference is like riding an exciting wave of the holy spirit. just surrender and jump on the board. worshipers will be hungry and full of passionate faith. mum & dad are proud of you

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