Day Four: Pampering, A New ENJOY House & Rehearsals

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Now, this post is broken into three sections (Cristina’s Spa and Salon, Center For Change, and ADORE Rehearsals) because we did so much. It also has loads of pictures.

But like every other morning, we began our day with breakfast and checking Facebook on our mobiles 🙂

Cristina’s Spa and Salon

The morning was all about pampering the key girls of NLCC who have been organizing and planning for the ADORE Conference. They’ve been working tirelessly, diligently and without complaint. Most of the girls and guys involved in the preparation for the conference study, work, and look after their families full time. So to break the stress of pre-conference, we had them pampered at Cristina’s Spa and Salon.

Girls had a Hair Spa (Hair treatment), manicures, pedicures, massages, face lifts, full body scrub, and whatever else they wanted. They loved it! We spent about 4 or so hours there, getting relaxed, and beautiful.

Center For Change

After that we drove an hour to the Center for Change, a ministry run by Margaret Pashley. Here was the official opening of the ENJOY House! The Center currently houses 87 children, from 6 years to 20 years old. Each house holds about 12 children and one house parent.

Margaret was saying that there’s a screening process involved in choosing a house parent because a lot of the children they bring in like to push the boundaries. This could be in toilet training, anger problems and much more, which the house parent needs to help them push through.

The children that live in the Center are from the streets, have been disowned by their parents, are from widowed parents who can’t look after them, and many other reasons.

There’s no need to tell you about it, because the pictures tell it all. Enjoy!

Incredible worship by the kids

Rochelle, Angie, Roxy & Jac singing 'Blessed Be Your Name' & 'Your Grace Still Amazes Me'

Girls doing a tambourine dance to 'My Future Decided' by Hillsong United

Ps Georgie bringing the Word (with a fabulous translator)

Everyone praying for the House

Praying for the House

One of the four bedrooms.

The Kitchen

A pig they cooked for us

Ps Ernie getting a bit excited!

This little girl stuck to Ps Viv the whole time & called her 'Mum'. Beautiful!

The Team

Ps Georgie & Margaret Pashley

ADORE Rehearsals

After a seafood dinner at Ocho’s Seafood and Grill, we took off to the venue. During the time we last saw the venue and now, it has been miraculously transformed thanks to the dedication of the NLCC Team. They have been there all hours ensuring that the venue is ready on time for the conference.

Here’s what it looks like now:

The Dining Area

The Auditorium

Rehearsing The Opening Dance

There’s now less than 3 hours until the women begin arriving for the conference. There is still a lot to do, but everyone is pumped for what God is going to do! The next post will be all on the ADORE Conference. Yay!


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