Day Three: Part Two – Power Service & Preparation

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“Wow” is the best way to describe the rest of the night!

The NLCC Power Service was beyond incredible. There was praise (including Promises by Desperation Band – get onto this song if you haven’t heard it already, it’s so much fun and ridiculously joyous!) and worship.

The praise and worship was amazing because everyone was passionate and unified – there was a common purpose in coming together to pray for the ADORE Conference. When worship finished, Ps Ram got up and began praying for ADORE. After that several other people prayed including Ps Georgie, Ps Lou, Louise, Ps Michele, Ps Viv, Lana, and Ps Ernie. The atmosphere in the room was electric! And because of that, God is seriously going to show up in a miraculous way!

From there we went to dinner at ‘Gerry’s Grill’. The car ride there was nothing short of fun as 20 people got in the van!

The food there was absolutely divine! Two massive long tables were full of a ridiculous amount of food and the greatest company of people ever.

After dinner we jumped into a tricycle with our own private driver from Gerry’s Grill back to NLCC. It was so much fun and cost about 6 pesos which would be the equivalent of 10 Australian cents.

Once back at NLCC a lot of work and preparation needed to go into the ADORE Conference. So doing what Enjoyers do best, we helped! The main thing that needed to be done was the delegates bags. This included tying a hot pink ribbon around the handle of the bag, which was then passed onto the next person who tied a gold wire to it and put a label/invitation on it. There was 350 delegates bags to make, so we all put in.

While we were doing that, the guys from NLCC rehearsed, and rehearsed, and rehearsed their dances for the conference. And can I just say, they are incredibly talented! The dance is going to go off!

After about 2 hours, the bags were complete! And they look absolutely fabulous!

The different colours for the delegates bags

The content of each delegate bag

All 350 delegate bags completed!

And did I mention that they’ve made T-Shirts as well for all the ladies? Well, they have and they are phenomenal! Below is a picture of the beautiful Mira modelling it (for some reason it’s not letting me put it the right side up. Sorry!) The imprint is the country of Australia and Philippines with the words ‘Together We Adore’.

As we’re getting closer and closer to the conference, it’s so evident that the team have such a spirit of excellence and love. They want everything to be just perfect for the women and they don’t care about how long it takes them. Everything is so special and personal that you can’t help but be blessed by them. It’s going to be spectacular!!

It’s now 12am here in Tacloban. Tomorrow we’re pampering the key women and leaders involved in preparing for the conference, and then we’re officially opening the ENJOY House at Margaret Pashley’s Centre Of Change. It’s going to be big!


2 responses to “Day Three: Part Two – Power Service & Preparation

  1. I am praying and fasting for all of you and the girls attending to the conference from Philippines all the blessing from us in Melbourne God will move very powerful
    with miracles and wonders!!!!!!!!!

  2. great work Bethany

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