Day Three: Part One – Off To The Mall

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Today was the first day of ‘relaxation’ (if you can even call it that!). After breakfast we went down to their local shopping mall, Robinsons Mall.

We arrived there before it opened, so we had some time to take some ‘paparazzi’ shots.

Once the clock hit 10am, the doors were opened. At each entrance to the building is a security guard. The guards check each individual’s bag before they enter, and if they have any weapons/ammunition, they are told to dispose of it there.

So once approved, we all went in and Ps Ernie went to the airport to pick up the lovely Ps Georgie!

The mall seriously looks exactly like ours back home in Australia. They have their fast food restaurants, cheaper stores, upper class stores, supermarkets, escalators, everything.

We split into groups with someone from the NLCC team with each group, and basically shopped for the next two hours. Some bought shoes, clothing, jewellery, magazines, things for family back home and others; basically what we would buy back home. The strange thing about it though was that it kind of felt surreal being there. Yesterday we were at the women’s prison and the slums, and today we’re in the shopping center. Some of us where commenting on how it just seems so out of place having a mall here because of the environment outside of it.

At 12pm we all met in the restaurant ‘Shakey’s‘ – including Ps Georgie! Shakey’s sell gourmet pizzas, pasta and loads of other scrumptious food! Then we shopped again and came back to the hotel.

Right now it’s 4.45pm. Rochelle, Angie, Jac and Roxy left about half an hour ago to go to NLCC to run a Worship Workshop. I’ll be interviewing one of them about it either tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned for that post!

In about half an hour we’re all getting picked up from the hotel to go to NLCC for their Power Service. It’s their mid-week service where they have praise and worship, prayer, etc for an hour. So, Part Two of today about that service will be posted up later tonight.

Random things learned:

– In restaurants they generally have orange, mango and pineapple juice on the menu, but no apple juice.

– When you make a purchase (mostly for jewellery at stands), they put your money in a tin pot and ask you to ‘make a wish’, or they swish the money over the other items for sale for good luck.

– There is a Filipino style morning breakfast television show. It mimics America’s NBC Today in so many ways.

– Bring toilet paper with you if you need to go to the restroom at a mall


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