Introduction: ADORE Philippines Trip!

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It’s Sunday afternoon. In about 3 or so hours the beautiful ENJOY Crew will be meeting at the Melbourne Airport ready to depart on a big jet plane to the Philippines. Exciting stuff!!

The ENJOY team going over is: Ps Georgie, Ps Lou, Ps Viv, Ps Michele, Lana, Manal, Louise, Jac, Rochelle, Angie, Roxy, myself, and the one and only guy – Ps Ernie (pray for him!). And if I must say, that is seriously the best team ever!

For the past 5 or so years, the ADORE Women’s Conference has been held in Melbourne, Australia. And this is the very first year that it’s being held overseas in Tacloban, Philippines.

The conference will be held on the Friday night and all day Saturday – mirroring the ADORE Conference in Melbourne. But the great thing about the conference is that we’re not just going in there and taking over the whole thing. No way! The women and leaders from the area have already taken full ownership of the conference and have been busily organising and preparing for it. And judging by the Facebook Event they’ve already made for it, they’re absolutely expectant for what God is going to do!

ENJOY Church has also been so incredibly generous! With an original aim of sponsoring 350 women for the conference at $45 each, the Enjoyers went above and beyond and sponsored a phenomenal 431 women! What that means is that these women have their accommodation, food and transport all paid for. All they have to worry about now is what to wear!

But the thing that is even more amazing about that is that we have sown the seed to make way for hundreds of women to receive and take part of what God wants to do with them individually and as a unified force at this conference. What they receive there, they will bring back and sow into to their families, churches, towns and future generations; which will undoubtedly begin to change the Philippines for the greater good!

Throughout the week leading up to the conference, we’ll be building relationship with the beautiful people over there, going to the slums, visiting the women’s prisons, and so much more.

There is seriously so much that’s going to happen, so… watch this space and I’ll try to update you all as much as time permits!

Now to finish packing…

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


2 responses to “Introduction: ADORE Philippines Trip!

  1. Hope you have a fab time and I just know God will do awesome things. I went to the Philippines for a conference in 2009 and got the traveller’s tummy bug … not good … you don’t want that to knock you around so whatever you do, don’t eat salad (rinsed with water), have ice in your drinks, and make sure you brush your teeth with bottled water so you can stay in good health! Oh and drinking Yakult every day helps too!!!!!

  2. Hi Beth,

    I have enjoyed reading your blog so much, I almost feel like I am there. Your writing is brilliant! Please keep it coming. When you get back, we will catch up and share the stories.

    Love to the team,

    I miss them,

    Ps Enzo

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