5 Months On…

[This blog has since moved to bybethanyjae.com. Head on over to check it out, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised… x]

Hello my fellow readers,

It’s been a long time since my last post – 5 months on to be exact! And that’s been for a couple of reasons…

1. The blog was set up for a University subject I had last year. Once that subject finished, I didn’t really have the passion to keep it going

2. Holidays got busy & this blog wasn’t one of my priorities.

3. Instead of writing on the Internet, I was writing in a book (which you will be filled in about in a couple of months time!)

At present I have just finished my first week back at University for the year (which also happens to be my third & final year of study! Eek!). And have come to the conclusion that I need to sharpen up on my writing skills . If I want to make the most of my time at University, I have to learn & improve.

But not only that, I realised that this blog is also listed here on the upstart website. Now how bad would it look if potential employers & media giants were going through the list & didn’t even consider me now or in the future because I don’t write regularly or keep this up to date? Ridiculous! And SO my fault.

So this blog is going to go in another direction. It’s not just going to focus on Social Media (as it was originally birthed out of), it’s going to include a variety of things under the categories of: Social Media, Social Life, Social People, Social Brands, & Social Interest.

Stay tuned peeps! It’s A Social Thing just got injected with a new freshness & purpose.


Beth xx


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