Apple Goes Ping!

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Facebook, Twitter, and now…Ping?

Yes, Ping.

The Apple enterprise giant has incorporated a social network into the newly released iTunes version 10.

So, what makes this site different to the Facebook and Twitter?

Simply stated by Apple, it’s:

“A social network for music.”

That’s a clever move on Apple’s part – getting in on the whole ‘social netwroking’ revolution, and using what they’re most famous for, music, to set them apart.

But you may be thinking, this sounds exactly like Myspace.

Yes, they’re both music based, but iTunes currently has 160 million users, giving it a solid base to begin with.

That said, what are the features of Ping?

Like Twitter, you can follow your friends, celebrities and bands. Like Facebook, you can ‘like’ their status updates, photos and comment.

But unlike Facebook, you can also apparently ‘like’ ‘likes’.

More than that, you can see a list of upcoming gigs, whose attending and buy tickets online with a click of the buttonsomething that no other social network is currently doing.

But you don’t have to sit at your computer to access Ping, it is widely available of your iPhone and iPod Touch as well, making it easy to use when you’re on the go.

On it’s introduction to the world, Steve Jobs stated that it’s: “Facebook and Twitter meets iTunes…But it’s not Facebook, it’s not Twitter”

Time will only tell if this new network will be a hit and stay around after it’s honeymoon.

iTunes 10 and Ping was made available September 2, spreading to more countries from then.

So, will you be using Ping?


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