It’s called ‘Social Media’, not ‘Advertising Media’

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Using Social Media to advertise is a big thing.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian are getting paid big bucks for it, ordinary people babble about the lunch they just ate from Tweet Street, knowledgeable people linking their new professional blog post into their tweets, and then there’s the spammers.

But the thing to remember on these sites is that it’s called ‘social’ media, not ‘advertising’ media.

People want to feel connected and acknowledged online.  This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use social media to advertise, but that it should be used ‘socially’.

Being an active user on Twitter, I have personally discovered three things:

1. People follow you if you’re relevant and engaging

2. They’ll like your product if they like you

3. If they retweet one of your tweets, say “Thanks for the RT [insert real name from profile]”; it shows that you care about them, increasing their support for you

Something Natalie Giddings, Senior Strategist at Thinktank Media, taught me was that 80% of your tweets should be personal and engaging with your target audience; last 20% advertising.

This is a golden key.

A 2010 study by Blueglass found from a sample of 2,000 tweets that there were:

* 4% spam

* 6% self-promotional

* 9% moderately interesting

* 38% conversational

* 43% babble

I wouldn’t want to follow someone who just wants me to buy their products, I want to follow someone whose interesting and interested in me. If you are, you will find me following you back.

How do you use Twitter to advertise?


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