Making It Buzz

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“As you all know, there’s precisely 72 hours left until my ‘El Grande Party.”

This was one of the many posts Jeric Ramos put on his Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook account when it came to creating a ‘buzz’ around his 18th birthday bash, held Saturday, 7 August 2010.

Social media is an invaluable tool when it comes to promoting a particular event, or your own life. It gives you your own personal spotlight where people can peer into and look specifically into what it is that you want them to look at.

In Jeric’s case, it was his ‘El Grande Party’.

As an avid MTV reality show consumer he set up his Tumblr account based on his motto of, “If you can’t film it, write it!” This documented his preparations, ideas, progress and disasters leading up to his party.

Twitter played a key role in gathering guests under the hashtag of #jericselgrandeparty as well as promoting his event to all of their followers.

Facebook was used as the main communication hub. ‘Facebook Events’ were set up for the party and after party, messages were sent out to guests letting them know that seating arrangement were posted on his Tumblr account, a warning that those who consume alcohol before or during the event will be escorted from the event, and a thankyou message to all who attended.

Using these platforms allowed the guests to be included in the event before it even began. It created excitement and much anticipation as to what was going to be in store.

How have you used social media in creating a ‘buzz’ around an event?


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